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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Conditions of Rational Discourse
This post is really a footnote to the Rational Discourse and Internet Governance posted on Legal Theory Blog. The question is what are the conditions of a rational discourse. If you have jumped here from the main post, you just read a condensed version of those conditions. Froomkin's article seems to me to assume that Habermas's more recent work abandons his formulation of the conditions of the ideal communications situation. I am not sure that Froomkin is right about that, but it is far afield of the point of his article and my main post. In this Legal Theory Annex post, I'm simply laying out my own view. Here is my formulation of the conditions for a rational discourse. This is from Lawrence B. Solum, Virtues and Voices, 66 Chicago-Kent Law Review 111 (1991):
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posted by Lawrence Solum 3:29 PM

Thursday, April 17, 2003

John Eden on Rawls and Cohen
Here are some additional thoughts from John Eden on Rawls, Cohen, and the Difference Principle:

posted by Lawrence Solum 7:40 AM

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